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Some recent and featured publications and preprints from the ASH lab are listed below. You can find additional publications by selecting from the menu on this page. 

*Ashe, M.L., & Wilson, S.J. (in press). Very Light Daily Smoking in Emerging Adults: Relationships Between Dependence and Lapse. Nicotine & Tobacco Research.

Hobkirk, A.L., *Nichols, T.T., Foulds, J., Yingst, J.M., Veldheer, S., Hrabovsky, S., Richie, J., Eissenberg, T., & Wilson, S.J. (2018). Changes in resting state functional brain connectivity and withdrawal symptoms are associated with acute electronic cigarette use. Brain Research Bulletin, 138, 56-63.

Lydon-Staley, D.M., *MacLean, R.R., Falk, E.B., Bassett, D.S., & Wilson, S.J. (2020, April 3). Segregation of default mode from frontoparietal system protects against smoking lapse.

*MacLean, R.R., Martino, S., Carroll, K.M., Smyth, J.M., Pincus, A.L., & Wilson, S.J. (2017). Momentary associations between valuing health and reported craving in daily smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 19(6), 716-722.

Manglani, H.R., Lewis, A.H., Wilson, S.J., Delgado, M.R. (2017). Pavlovian-to-instrumental transfer of nicotine and food cues in deprived cigarette smokers. Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 19(6), 670-676.

*Zelle, S.L., Gates, K.M., Fiez, J.A., Sayette, M.A., & Wilson, S.J. (2017). The first day is always the hardest: Functional connectivity during cue exposure and the ability to resist smoking in the initial hours of a quit attempt. NeuroImage, 151, 24-32.